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Our Desoto TX Sprinkler Repair Team Fixes Your Lawn in a Week

just one week later our Desoto TX Sprinkler Repair team takes your lawn from dead to amazingOne of the common misconceptions about sprinkler systems is that they simply turn on and turn off all at once. While this was how the original systems worked (and some cheap cookie-cutter systems still do), our custom built systems are divided into different zones that deliver precisely the amount of water that plants and turf need in precisely the right increments to encourage deep root growth in them. The deeper that a plants root system grows, the healthier and more resistant to disease the plant will be.

Our Desoto TX sprinkler repair team has identified three major types of zones in business and commercial lawns areas – open turf, foundation plantings and beds and specimen plantings. Open turf areas are just what they sound like – large areas of grass.

Rotary heads are the most efficient and effective pop –ups to put in these areas. We generally place them with 4 inch risers because the standard grass cut length around here is 3 inches. This allows the head to clear the surrounding turf and deliver irrigation without being impeded by blades of grass. In areas where there is gradation, we adjust the spray pattern and pressure of each individual head to make sure that no area of the lawn is getting over-saturated.

Our Desoto TX Irrigation Repair Team Uses Drip Irrigation for Strong Plants

Get a drip line installed by our Desoto Irrigation Repair team todayFoundation plantings and planting beds usually get the drip irrigation treatment. This type of system allows the water to be delivered in a slow and consistent manner reaching down to the deepest part of the root system. This encourages deep root growth and strong, healthy plants. This is especially effective with foundation plantings because it prevents water from pooling up against the foundation and causing damage like traditional sprinklers and rotary heads can often do.

Specimen plantings are a special situation. They often require a unique watering schedule and are best handled with a dedicated micro head. These heads work at a much lower pressure than standard heads but allow the area around the base of the plant to be thoroughly watered. They are great for delicate annual plants like pansies, as they will not cause flower to lose their petals but will still allow adequate watering of tightly bunched groupings.

Our Desoto TX irrigation repair specialists don't simply set up 3 zones for your landscape, we put in as many different zones as necessary and then program them into your controller for you. We can schedule future appointments for seasonal watering adjustments and make sure your landscape is the talk of the block. Call us now and get a new sprinkler zoning system set up today.